5 Amazing Urban Garden Designs

Living in an urban area doesn’t necessary mean that you can’t have a garden. You can actually have a beautiful one, even if space is not very friendly with you. Are you confused and do not know how to make the whole place look? If so, then you will definitely find very useful the following 5 amazing urban garden designs.

1. Choose a simple décor

For those who like simple decors, the one presented in the above image will certainly be to their liking. The amazing floor is surrounded by beautiful plants which have at the base small decorative stones. The furniture is in a dark color, in contrast with the floor which has beautiful hues of beige. For a small backyard, this is actually all you need to feel comfortable and spend quality time with your dear ones.

2. Go for white and potted flowers

You can also create a nice garden with potted flowers, and one of the best examples is presented in the above picture. Making the whole place white is without a doubt a fantastic idea which you should seriously take into account. It looks absolutely amazing, and it will make you feel relax and comfortable. Get different types of potted flowers and place them close to each other. Don’t forget about the barbecue which will definitely help you prepare delicious burgers.

3. Combine many types of plants

If space allows you, you can combine several types of plants and decorative trees. By doing so, you will obtain a complex design which will definitely be admired by all your friends. Furthermore, it will be a real pleasure to spend your free time there during the hot days of summer. Potted flowers or plants will find their place as well in this décor.

4. Create a vibrant and contemporary garden

A garden in vibrant colors and contemporary at the same time is a wonderful choice. The beautiful combination of blue and orange is not disturbing, it is actually extremely pleasant. It cheers up the whole space. Behind the furniture is the garden which is a small one yet very beautiful. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing urban garden designs.

5. An elegant garden in a tight space

An elegant garden can be created in a tight place. Living walls have become extremely popular nowadays, indoors and outdoors as well. Here, we have two narrow living walls which look very nice. Moreover, we have different types of plants flowers, and some grass as well. The green color of the plants vitalize the whole place, and it makes it look alive.

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