Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

Are you looking for a way to add a personal touch to your furniture and thus change the way your house looks? The best solution in this case would be to repurpose old furniture. Don’t throw away your old desk or chairs because you can use them to make something that looks unique and creative. Just follow our tips and ideas to repurpose your old furniture into something new and extraordinary looking.

From door to headboard

If you have an old wooden door that there’s no longer needed in your home, you can find it a new purpose by turning it into an unique headboard for your bed. In order to get it started, you need a couple of items, such as a paint brush, paint and a pair of gloves to keep your hands protected. The best part about repurposing an old object is that you can turn it into something else. It’s not always necessary to keep its old purpose. Instead, you can make it more useful. Using an old door as an headboard is a great way to change the decor in your room. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit cracked because it will look even more authentic and add a touch of a retro feel in your bedroom.

Transform a ladder into a towel support

A great way to find a new purpose for an old ladder is to transform it into a hanger or a towel rack. For this new project, you don’t need to invest money nor time because you can leave it the way it is, without having to make adjustments or modifications. It’s actually a good thing to keep your old wooden ladder the way it is, because it will be a great addition in a retro or vintage looking bathroom. So, if you are the fan of the retro or industrial design, consider using your old wooden or metal ladder as a rack for your towels, bathroom supplies or why not, as a clothes hanger.

Repurpose old chairs

Repurposing old chairs can be a lot of fun because you can create all sorts extraordinary new objects. For instance, you can a double wall holder by using chair legs on which you have hooked some small shelves or storage baskets. If you have a beautiful garden you can transform your old wooden chair into a fun chair swing by simply removing the legs and hang the seat to a sturdy tree branch by using some ropes. Another idea that we love is to use the back of a chair as a photo holder, so that you can display your favorite photographs or paintings.

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