Greenhouse Maintenance Tips

Gardening enthusiasts are, most certainly, looking for useful ways to take care of their plants and to provide them the perfect growing environment. To help them in the matter, we have chosen the most important aspects that influence the growth of the plants and some maintenance tips that will ensure the optimal greenhouse environment.

Offer the proper amount of light

Most of the plants grown in a greenhouse thrive in powerful light because light is essential in a process called photosynthesis, which enables the plant to transport essential nutrients. While natural light could vary in intensity, we advise you to use led grow lights in order to provide your plants the proper amount of light they need for a perfect growth. The led grow light systems include led bulbs that emit a full spectrum of light similar to sunlight, thus being the perfect device to encourage the growth of the plants.

Keep the right level of humidity

Plants also require a certain level of humidity that will not dry their leaves, nor will it cause them to rotten or develop fungus. Too much heat inside the greenhouse can make the air very dry so the plants will lose their moisture and will start to die. If you sense that the air humidity is too low, you can adjust it to the optimal level by using a humidifier that releases water vapors into the air. This way, the air in the greenhouse will become the perfect growing environment and will keep the plants in the best shape. If, on the contrary, you notice that the air is too humid and your plants are starting to develop pests on their leaves, you should consider lowering the air humidity by using a dehumidifier that absorbs the water from the air.

Adjust the exact temperature

Nevertheless, your plants will require the perfect air temperature in order to grow properly. Greenhouses are usually built because people want to keep plants away from the cold air in the winter which causes them to freeze and stop growing. A comfortable temperature level is kept with the right insulation that prevents cold air from outside from entering inside the greenhouse. You can also use an infrared heater that creates a heat similar to the sun heat so your plants won’t suffer from artificial heat. Moreover, the infrared heater uses less electricity than other heaters, so you won’t add to your electricity bill.

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