Industrial Living Room Decor Ideas

The industrial design consists of simple items, make mainly of raw materials like wood and iron, combined in a way that looks comfortable and attractive without standing out. The simple and clean lines allow this interior design to easily integrate any home, although there are some particularities that must be taken into account. For those of you who like the combination of old and simple, here are some ideas on how to decorate an industrial living room.

1. Go for an epoxy floor

Epoxy floors are mainly used in commercial and industrial spaces. However, they can also be a great flooring solution for a residential space. Since these floors are mostly associated with plants and factories, they will go great in an industrial living room. For the best epoxy floor coatings, consider Treadwell, the most reputable Epoxy Flooring Kansas City contractors. They will provide you with many finish choices, and you will surely find something to match your industrial fantasy. If you are looking to brighten up the space, consider a white glossy finish, like in the above picture. This type of floor can make any room twice as bright.

2. Choose a factory inspired decor

The gray walls with an unfinished aspect of this living room make you think of the old factories made of cement. The unfinished vibe is maintained by the gray floor and the few decorations used for completing this design. A wooden coffee table and a large light sofa give this place a homey feeling and the simple paintings in a strong shade of orange are the only splash of color you find in this living room. Opt for some small velvet chairs to match the table and give the room a touch of warmth with a built-in fireplace that doesn’t stand out too much.

3. Go for the corporate approach

This living room looks more like an office in an old corporate building with a clear view of the city through the ceiling-high windows. The walls and ceiling have maintained the original unfinished aspect and even the vent pipes are present in this industrial design. The furniture keeps the same simple and clean lines that don’t attract attention in an obvious way, although they manage to create a very comfortable and appealing design. This living room is split into a sitting area with a large gray sofa and a dining area with an imposing wood table. Probably the nicest decorations in this room are the vintage metallic lamps. You can add some color to the place with an interesting chair or some cozy pillows on the sofa.

4. Play with unfinished touches

This open space is the perfect embodiment of the industrial interior design due to the wooden girders on the ceiling and the tall pillars that separate the living areas. The living room zone consists of a simple piece of furniture in a black shade and a complementary white sofa; this combination of colors in often seen in the industrial design. The dining area includes a classic table with chairs and the decorations are chosen in the same old and simple style. Again, the ceiling and floor lamps and the ceiling fans reinforce the idea of industrial.

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