Laundry Room Essentials

Doing the laundry can be a pleasant chore if you have the right equipment for this task, but without knowing what the laundry room essentials are, it’s hard to figure out if you’re missing an important piece of the laundry cleaning puzzle or not. Therefore, instead of wondering whether you need to add something to the laundry room or not, read the following lines to find out which are the laundry room essentials, and buy the items and appliances that you’re missing from the list.

Laundry baskets

Placing laundry baskets in the laundry room is the perfect way to organize the dirty laundry that will need to be washed, making your job easier and keeping the house neat due to the fact that everyone will know where the dirty laundry has to be placed. There are a lot of sorting patterns that you can choose with the laundry baskets, the most popular being to either assign a laundry basket for every member of the family, this way avoiding mixing the clothes together, or you can have a laundry basket for every category of clothing, separating the jeans from the shirts, for example.


You can’t have a laundry room without a washer, and the best model to go with is the Whirlpool Duet WFL98HEBU, priced at $1450. This front-load washing machine has a durable stainless steel tub, an end of cycle signal, automatic temperature control, an automatic fabric softener dispenser, an automatic detergent dispenser, it’s energy efficient, it has a 4.3 cubic feet capacity, and it’s 27 inches wide, not occupying a lot of space.


Another mandatory appliance for the laundry room, and one that you can’t skip on is the dryer, providing with a great solution for drying the clothes after washing them in only 1-2 hours. Just remember when you buy the dryer that it has to complement the capacity of the washer for you to not have to make more than one load in the dryer when trying to dry off a single load taken from the washer. Therefore, if you buy the Whirlpool Duet WFL98HEBU washer, you should buy the Whirlpool Duet WEL98HEBU dryer to have a perfect match. This dryer comes at the price of $1450, it has a useful steam option that will eliminate the wrinkles off of your clothes and odorize them, it has a moisture sensor, it emits an end of the cycle signal for you to know when the program has finished, the drum is very resistant, being made from stainless steel, it has the capacity of 7.4 cubic feet, and it measures 27 inches in width, just as much as the washer.

Clothes steamer

Instead of using the classic iron to get the wrinkles off of your clothes, it’s better to use a clothes steamer. It’s much more efficient and gentle to the fabric due to the fact that it releases the steam without touching the material, as opposed to the iron which makes full contact with the fabric to remove the wrinkles. Based on several reviews that we read on, the Steamfast SF-407 fabric steamer which you can buy for less than $100. This clothes steamer has a 40 ounce capacity removable water tank, it doesn’t only remove the wrinkles, but it sanitizes the fabric as well, it heats up in less than a minute, and it provides with up to 45 minutes of continuous steam.


There are a lot of types of hangers that you can choose from, wood, metal, plastic, satin, and more, but no matter what type of clothes hanger you go with, they’re an essential addition to the laundry room. By having the hangers in this room, after you get the clothes out of the dryer and you get the wrinkles off of them, you can proceed to hanging them neatly on the hangers to save space and keep them organized neatly.