What is the Best Surveillance System for Your Home?

No matter if you are leaving the house for a long period to go on a much needed vacation, or if you are just wondering if your children are fine while you’re at work, a surveillance system is a necessity for you to put your mind at ease.
If you want to keep tabs on everything that is happening inside and outside of your home when you are away, you should read the following lines and choose one of these best surveillance systems for your home that allow you to increase the security of your home and that allow you to monitor all the activities that are unfolding as well.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam security camera is considered by many as being the best security camera on the market, and it can be yours for the reasonable price of $200.
You can control this innovative surveillance system even when you’re away from home through your smartphone, and it gives you continuous video streaming in 1080p HD, allowing you to keep track of what is happening at all times.
It’s easy to set up, with the help of the Nest app that you install on your smartphone you can talk to your baby or child when you’re away and if an intruder has entered your home you can alert him that he has been caught, the Nest Cam stores your data safely using bank-level data security, and it sends you motion and sound alerts over the phone if anything is unfolding in your home while you’re away


The Canary home security device comes at the price of $250, and it’s one of the most simple and smart home security solutions available, needing only to be plugged in for it to work.
No matter the type of smartphone you have, you can install the app of this home security device and keep track of everything that is happening in your home, getting real-time alerts over your phone if anyone tries to make a forced entry. In addition, if an intruder enters your home and you spot him, you can use the app to sound the built-in 90+dB siren of this device, ensuring that the unwanted guest will get scared and make an exit immediately.


One of the most ingenious and popular outdoor surveillance systems available is the Kuna security camera, and if you pay the low price of $200, this innovative camera can be yours.
What makes it truly special is the fact that it looks like an ordinary porch light, but when you take a closer look at it you will notice the camera staring back at you.
This amazing security camera has motion-triggered recording, two-way audio for you to be able to talk with whoever is outside of your door without opening it, and it comes with a useful and extremely loud siren that can be the perfect weapon to scare off any unwanted visitors.

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