Best 2015 Bosch Dishwashers

In order to save precious time which you can spend it with your dear ones, you should get a dishwasher. Bosch is a well-known brand, which produces high-quality appliances with lots of innovative features so that any customer can be satisfied. In order to make an idea about what is best to choose, here are some of the best 2015 Bosch dishwashers.

Benchmark SHX9PT75UC

If you want a durable, top rated dish washer then this model from Bosch is what you need. The unit comes with 6wash cycles, in order to meet everybody’s needs, touch controls, stainless steel tub, 15 place settings, interior lighting, and alternating folding tines. Furthermore, due to its adjustable top rack, you will be able to place large bowls. With the clever Info Light feature, you will be able to know when the cycle will end. Bosch Benchmark SHX9PT75UC is without a doubt, one of the best 2015 Bosch dishwashers, that must be taken into account when shopping for this type of household appliance.

300 DLX Series SHS63VL5UC

In comparison with the product presented above, this one is more affordable. When it comes to the features, the difference is not so big, as this unit also has many innovative features. It comes with 4 wash cycles, a durable stainless steel tub, an info light which tells you if the unit is operating or not, a silverware basket, Aqua Stop plus leak protection system, and 44DBA. Furthermore, 15 place settings are provided. If you are looking for a household appliance with solid features and a great efficiency, then this model is exactly what you need, and you will certainly not regret choosing it.

Ascenta SHX5AV55UC

The unit is a fantastic one and it is highly recommended by many consumers due to its efficiency and affordability. Bosch Ascenta has a quiet operation and due to this clever detail, you can use it whenever you’d like without disturbing anyone. With its 14 place settings, you will have plenty of space for your dishes. The unit comes with a RackMatic adjustable top rack which will offer you the possibility to choose between 3 height levels and 9 tilt positions so that all your needs can be satisfied. Even the dirtiest dishes will come out very clean with this fantastic dishwasher. Ascenta SHX5AV55UC is an Energy Star Certified product, which will definitely help you save money on your energy bill. However, it is considered a durable unit, and therefore, a long-term investment.

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