DIY Bathroom Decorations

The bathroom can be a very boring room if you don’t get away from the classic all-white pattern that most people choose for their bathrooms.
If you want to have a bathroom in which you will feel relaxed and happy you have to give it a personal touch, and the best way to do this is by making your own decorations for it. Therefore, if you are looking for great DIY bathroom decoration ideas, read the following lines and get to work on them immediately to have a beautiful and unique bathroom.

Creative storage

Most people have a white bathroom with some counters in which they deposit towels, cleaning supplies, and other things they need when they are in it, making this room a really boring one to be in.
Think outside of the box and decorate your bathroom in a creative way by simply taking a wooden barrel and slicing it in 4 pieces, insert planks into them to create separate areas, and mount them to the wall. This way, instead of keeping items like your bath towels stacked in the counters, you can display them in the barrel shelves that you made.
It’s very efficient to turn to this trick, not only creative, and you gain a lot of space by doing it.

Decorate the shower curtain

A designer shower curtain might be a spectacular addition to your bathroom, but it’s a very expensive one as well. In addition, there’s nothing to gain from spending money on something that you can make on your own, especially on something as trivial as the shower curtain.
Buy a basic white shower curtain and add different decorations to it yourself, like ribbons, stickers, or even paint on its exterior yourself. This way, you will have an original and unique shower curtain that will liven up the whole bathroom.

Photos above the bathtub

To make your bathroom look more playful and to give it a personal touch, you could take your favorite photos, frame them, and hang them above the bathtub. This way, every time you take a bath you can admire photos of your children playing, or photos from your exotic honeymoon.
You don’t have to think of the bathroom as just the room you bathe in, making it become a stale and boring place to be in, this being the main reason why hanging photos of you and your family is a good idea. In addition, it’s very creative and definitely a unique style to decorate it.

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