How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Looking to redecorate and you want to stay on a budget? No problem, just read the following lines and apply the tips given in them on how to decorate your home on a budget.

Hang plates

Paintings are very expensive decorations to go with, and let’s face it, they have become really boring because everyone tends to use them. Instead of spending a ton of money on stock paintings, use or buy lively colored plates to hang as decorations.
It will make for a superb view, and if you hand the most dramatic one at the center, all eyes will be on your exquisite and creative wall decorations.

Make your own paintings

Who says you have to be an artist to paint? Buy some canvases, frames, and painting materials, and have all your household members paint whatever comes to their mind, this way having truly original art on your walls.
No one will know the difference, and these paintings will give the rooms they are placed in an intimate and happy feel.

Puzzle paintings

Everyone likes doing puzzles, children and adults, therefore you could use this hobby to your advantage. Instead of buying wall decorations, buy some 500-1000 piece puzzles, make them with your family, glue them to a cardboard, frame them, and hang them on the walls.

Repurpose furniture

One of the best ideas if you are on a budget is to think about what furniture you can repurpose, this way not having to spend extra money on new furniture pieces.
For example, if you need a new nightstand, instead of going to the store to spend $30-$300 dollars on a single nightstand, use a rickety chair you have around the house that you don’t use anymore as a nightstand, being a very creative and unique way to use it.

Use lively colors

If you consider that any room of your house is too dull, you can always use a lively color to brighten it up. For example, if you feel like your white bedroom is becoming a drag, you can buy floral sheets in colors like red and yellow, making the room look spectacular only with this small addition, or if you feel like the living room isn’t so appealing to be in, you can put a green carpet and make it look playful and cheery.

Bottle vases

Even vases cost a lot of money, therefore they can be out of reach for many people.
The easiest and cheapest way in which you can show off all the beautiful flowers that you picked from your garden is by using empty glass bottles as vases. It’s creative, it won’t cost you a thing because you had to buy the bottles to drink what was in them anyway, and the final result will look gorgeous.

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