How to Design an Accent Wall

Accents walls are, as the name itself suggests, a way of creating an accent on a certain wall of a room, a wall that will become the centerpiece of the décor. You can choose to design an accent wall if the room is decorated in pale colors, with no other strong accents that will attract the attention and contradict with the vibrant details of the wall. The accent wall can be either painted, decorated with wallpaper, or it can have paintings or other decorations on it. The idea is to design a single focus point that will highlight a certain area of the room in order to make it look more attractive and unique. If you want an impact design, choose an accent wall idea by analyzing the overall décor of your house.

    • Wallpaper is the favorite item used for designing an accent wall because it can create a strong impact in any room without much effort. However, this accent wall idea is a combination of the bold print of the wallpaper and the vibrant orange of the bed. Together, these two items manage to create a focus point that enhances the aspect of this bedroom.
    • While most people choose an accent wall in a strong color, you can opt for a design in a neutral color such as gray, that will match the rest of the items found in the room. Although this entire bedroom is designed in shades of black, white, and gray, the gray accent wall in the back of the bed still manages to stand out due to the pattern and the three picture frames placed above the white headboard.
    • If you want to design an accent wall in the kitchen, you can either paint a wall or decorate it with tiles, both ideas as great. Make sure you opt for furniture in a light color that matches the color of the wall, considering that they will interact at some point. You can never fail with crème furniture and a strong red paint on one wall.
  • You can also create an accent wall using furniture in a strong color, but this design takes courage and you have to be okay with replacing your furniture if, let’s say, you get bored by the design. You can also opt for a sofa in a vibrant color that matches some paintings on the wall behind it if you don’t want to opt for colored furniture. This idea works perfectly for a large living room decorated in light shades that require a touch of color.
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