Modern Wall Decoration Ideas

Want to decorate your home? We prepared some solutions to decorate walls in a way to personalize and add a touch of creativity to the interior space. There are some accessories and decorative objects (wallpaper, paintings, clocks, mirrors, etc.) that emphasize any room, so don’t be afraid to give free reign to your imagination. Find out how to make the most of the space in your home with inexpensive wall decor.

Use letters to embellish your walls

Create an artistic arrangement on the walls of your home by using letters. Choose several sizes, colors and materials for these items. Try to combine 3D printed letters with simple printed letters arranged in frames. To balance the look, add a single capital letter. A great way to make the hallway or your bedroom look more unique and personalized is to use these letters to write your name or a fun message that has some important meaning. The best part about playing with letters is that it’s an inexpensive and fun way to cover the walls and add a touch of creativity to your room.

Nature-inspired wallpaper

Choose for your living room or your bedroom a wallpaper inspired by nature. For example, opt for a model that mimics wood. But do not settle for a classic brown color but bold ones that give the room a modern and fresh look.

Mosaic walls

Decorate the kitchen with mosaic walls. You can choose between a variety of mosaic made of marble, stone, glass, ceramic or in different shades, colored blue or in a darker hue to complement the furniture in the room. If you want your kitchen to look more unique, try to choose a colorful mosaic wall that will complement and enhance at the same time the design of your simple cabinets that don’t have many ornaments or accessories.

Create a focal point in your house by framing an object

You can simply place on your living room wall several narrow frames that will fit certain items (photos, mirrors) or enhance the look of a central piece in your living room or bedroom, such as the fireplace or TV. Wall frames are less expensive than wood paneling so if you have a low budget this is a great solution.

Add a fun retro mirror or painting

Make the most of the remaining space between the headboard on the wall and the ceiling. Add colorful elements that have significance. For example, a round retro mirror hung on the walls or unconventional paintings, wooden or metal frames have a strong visual contrast and impact. In order to get the best results, choose an odd number of decorative items.

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