Simple Decor Tips that Will Add a Touch of Style to the Laundry Room

A laundry room is that place where most women don’t want to be. There you do the washing up, and the ironing as well. With some clever ideas and a bit of creativity, you can actually transform the whole place into a stylish and cheerful one. If this seems interesting to you, then you should have a look at the following simple décor tips that will add a touch of style to the laundry room.

Go for a white cabinet

A white cabinet will definitely add style to the whole interior. As you can see in the above picture, the cabinet, the shelf and the household appliances have the same color, which looks absolutely amazing in contrast with the vibrant color of the walls. You can choose this combination of colors, or you could go for a different one. The cabinet will also be very useful as you will be able to store some of your things like the fabric conditioner, the detergent, and so on. One thing is sure, you will certainly transform the whole interior into a cheerful one.

Replace you old lighting elements with a small chandelier

You will probably think that a chandelier is not right for a laundry room, and your answer is quite correct. You obviously can’t go for a luxurious chandelier, but you definitely can go for a smaller one. There are on the market items that are specially designed for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or your laundry room. They look absolutely fantastic, and they certainly add a stylish touch to the whole interior. Therefore, go for one.

Choose stylish household appliances

Instead of choosing units that come with a traditional design, you should choose the ones that have a stylish one. Nowadays, you will find on the market many models of dryers and washing machines with a beautiful exterior which will add style to a laundry room.

Hang a painting

This is another simple décor that will add a touch of style to the laundry room. In the above image, the paintings are very suggestive, which will definitely cheer you up while you do the washing up. Furthermore, it will transform an ordinary laundry room into one full of style.

Hide the appliances with some stylish curtains

A fantastic idea would be to hide your household appliances with some elegant and stylish curtains. Just make sure that you choose a color that goes with the whole décor.

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